A story of an Easter Lily

As with humans, animal communication exists across dimensions

Rogue was found by my daughter in the middle of a four-lane highway when she was about six months old. She was a Catahoula mix, which made her very independent and dominant. The name my daughter chose suited her.

In the fall of 2016, she went to live in Virginia with my fiancé and his dog Sam on their land. Sam had also lived with my daughter for a while, during that time, he was enamored with Rogue and we called her his girlfriend. They renewed their relationship when they were reunited.

 At first, Rogue was very wary of my fiancé but soon came to adore him and to love the land and his garden. In July of 2017, she was diagnosed with lymphoma and only lived until September. She knew it was time for her to shed her body but left the final decision up to us because it was hard for her to leave. Before the diagnosis, it was clear that something was wrong and even Sam didn’t play as hard with her as he had in the past and, eventually stopped trying to play with her at all.

 She loved the garden there and spent a lot of time just laying down and enjoying it. Also, she was a runner. She escaped a few times, racing around the countryside, having a great time. Sam, of course, always went with her in order to keep her safe. That was his job. These exploits are for another time but suffice to say that some of her escapes triggered amazing consequences.

 Partially due to these escapes, we decided to fence in a large portion of the property – to keep her and Sam safe. The work was completed two weeks after she passed and now about 18 acres is fenced.

 We made the decision to help her pass and after we left the vet’s office, we took Sam for a walk. Immediately Rogue started to communicate with me. She said she wanted to come back and began to dictate the terms of her return. Both of us laughed because that was always Rogue's personality. She said she wanted to come back as soon as possible, she wanted a streamlined body, she wanted to be female, beautiful, she had to have a tail and her name was to be Lassie. She also wanted to be a blue merle and have some brown coloring. Those desires made it difficult to determine what type of dog we were going to be looking for. We began to look online for Australian Shepard/Border Collie mixes but couldn’t find any that met her criteria.

 After having no luck finding a match, we knew we had to look for a pure-bred dog and, after discovering that there are blue merle border collies, we focused our search on that. In the fall we started contacting breeders but nobody had any matches.

We continued looking on websites of a few breeders who had dogs that might produce a litter that could contain a female with the desired coloring. In February of 2018 I started feeling that she was very, very close. So close that I felt that could touch her. Sam started gathering up their toys, moving them to his dog bed and playing with them again, something he hadn’t done since Rogue passed. My fiancé had two dreams about her. We knew she was here.

 On Saturday, March 10th, I received a message from Rogue to look at breeder websites again. I did and found a website I had not seen before but there were no puppies for sale. However, there was a message from the breeder stating that her daughter had puppies and to contact her instead. I did and received no reply. I got off the website and heard “go look again” So I did. I went back and scrolled down and saw another message that her other daughter also has puppies and provided a text number. I sent her a text and she responded immediately saying she only had one female left and sent a picture. I knew it was Rogue. The puppy was exactly what we were looking for except I could see no brown in her coat but Rogue said “don’t worry about that”.

I emailed my fiancé with the message “I found her”. I drove up to Virginia and showed him the picture of the puppy and asked “is this her?” He used his pendulum to answer the question. It was an definite “yes”. He asked if he could call her Lily, in addition to Lassie, and she said “yes” to that request.

The breeder was in Kansas and three weeks later, we drove out and picked up Lily the day before Easter. It was then we  found out that she was born on my fiancé’s birthday.

 Lily’s appearance is exactly what Rogue wanted to be, including some brown in her coat that we didn’t see in the pictures until we took a closer look. Her temperament is the same as Rogue. When Rogue was here, she said she wanted to be more affectionate but didn’t know how. Lily does.

 And if you think about Easter, it’s about resurrection, which is symbolized by the Easter lily. My fiancé didn’t think about that when he asked if we could call her Lily and we decided to spell her name like the flower.

Our Lily is a miraculous puppy. She recognizes us, Sam and the land, as well as being very affectionate with everyone she knew before. She was eight weeks old when we got her and has never acted like a typical puppy. She was amazing on the trip back because she knew she was coming home and now she is home to stay.