Pets Can Come Back

Since all living things are souls, they are capable of returning to this third-dimensional realm. They are capable of returning to the circumstance and situation of their choosing in order to have the experience they desire. Just as humans do, dogs also do this and can be communicated with while in their soul state in order to monitor and find them when they do come back. Dogs can come back to the same people. They also can decide if they want to return at all and if they want to return to the same situation.

While the following refers just to dogs, it applies to all animals.

As with humans, there are guidelines for their return. A soul has to agree to return. They may not want to return looking like they did before. They can have very specific ideas as to how they want to look and will find the body that best fulfills these desires. Looking like the animal who passed does not necessarily mean it is the same soul. Some animals will also indicate what they want their name to be in order to carry the energy of the name.

Cloning an animal may mean the new dog looks like the old one, but doesn’t insure it is the same soul. If the animal wants to return then the soul will be the same, otherwise a different one will inhabit the new body. Some animals do not want to come back or prefer to come back at a different time.

Because the energy of the third dimension can, and does, interfere with this process, it makes it very difficult to insure the animal will be reunited with the same people. Animals can be adopted by others, breeders can sell the animal to another person, and many other obstacles can be involved. However, if successful, it is a wonderful, magical time for both human and animal.

We’ve done this with our dog Lily and now understand the uncertainty, fear and apprehension involved in the process with the waiting for everything to come together. It is a process that requires patience and trust. Even with the ability to communicate with Lily, it still concerned us that something would interfere with her successful return. That concern may be intensified when a person doesn’t have communication ability with the animal.

Once an agreement is made between a person and the animal’s soul regarding their return, communication can begin with the animal’s higher self to start tracking their return.

Here are some considerations an animal communicator can help you determine before any further steps should be taken for the return of an animal.

The soul:

  • agrees to come back.

  • agrees to come back to be with you

  • agrees to come back to be in the situation you are in.

  • may decide what breed they will be and what markings and characteristics they will have

  • may determine the name they want to be called

  • may dictate changes that need to be made before they return

  • may decide when and where they will return