Buckshot Willie’s Story

My Father’s Gift

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My son-in-law works for the Post Office delivering mail, which is about 40 miles from his house. It was late December of 2018 and he was done for the day and walking to his car when he saw a kitten running around the Post Office parking lot. My son-in-law walked towards the kitten and it ran under another car that was parked in the lot. Since he couldn’t get to it, he got into his car and drove home and went inside. A few hours later he opened the front door to go out and there was the same kitten sitting on the porch trying to get in through the dog door. He picked the kitten up and took it inside to show my daughter, telling her the story of his encounter with this kitten in the parking lot of the Post Office. It upset my son-in-law to think that this kitten rode somewhere on the outside of his car for 40 miles but he was sure it was the same one. He handed the kitten to my daughter and she immediately heard “hey, that's old Buckshot Willie!” in my deceased father’s voice and she said out loud “I just heard my grandpa say his name is Buckshot Willie”.

What they assumed was that Buckshot Willie ran under my son-in-law’s car as he was leaving work, rode all the way home and was small enough to get through the fencing that surrounds their front yard. In order to stop him from going through their dog door and walking back through the fencing, they set up a cage to keep him in the house until he got bigger. Not only was Buckshot Willie comfortable with being in the cage, he knew all the animals that lived in the house and acted as if he had been there before.

I went to their house the same night and they told me the story. As a child I had a pony named Buckshot that my father was very fond of and he had a very good friend named Willie. Then I thought of Tom, who was a cat that our family had before my daughter met my son-in-law. After they got together, Tom and my son-in-law formed a very tight bound and became his cat. Tom passed away a few years ago.

I felt that Tom had returned as this kitten and said to them “I feel this is Tom and, obviously your grandfather brought him back to you as a sign that he is watching over you and helping you at this point in your life”.

Buckshot Willie has become a great source of joy to both of them and to me, as well. Watching him grow, play with the dogs and get along with the other cats validates who he is and that it was this little soul, and my father, who orchestrated his return.

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