In memory of my sister Kitti who gave this message

to me after her passing.

In My Heart of Hearts, I send out the energy of Love, the Color Pink, the Symbol of the Rose. 

In My Heart of Hearts, I send out the Knowing that the first step in all of creation is the manifestation of Love to everything that will exist within that creation.

In My Heart of Hearts I send out the Wisdom and the Knowledge that in order to keep that Love, all Souls must first Love Themselves to truly give Love to everything else they are connected to.

In My Heart of Hearts, I send out to you the Awareness that every Living Thing possess a Soul and no One Soul, due to its own evolution, is more valuable than that of another.

In My Heart of Hearts, I send to you my wish for your continued advancement in the Conscious Awareness that the purpose of being in this realm is to Live that Love Energy to it's fullest potential of the physical and the understanding that even in the face of disaster and destruction there will be Love brought forth for those Souls whose lessons required this experience.

In My Heart of Hearts, As I watch the Journeys of the Souls upon this Earth, I send out this message of Love to you and the understanding that you are not alone in your experience, for each of you are connected to every Living Thing.

In My Heart of Hearts, I say to you that We are always with You.

As Above, So Below

Believe in the Magic, it's the Miracle of Life.