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Lily's Story

A Soul Returns

Lily is now eleven months old and has grown into a beautiful blue merle border collie with all the characteristics that Rogue described to me just after her passing.

Her facial expressions are the same as Rogue’s. She also has blue eyes with the same uncommon brown area in her left one. Rogue was very vocal in the way she communicated - barking to indicate emotions, desires and her opinions - and Lily is even more vocal, incorporating growls with her wide range of barks. She is attempting to teach us how to speak Dog by using this variety of sounds. Lily also smiles – when she is excited to see us or people she remembers and also people she meets for the first time. While Rogue was always suspicious of people, even of us, Lily is trusting and loyal. She’s as bossy and stubborn as Rogue was and wants to be in charge. However, she does sometimes defer to my fiancé.

Rogue never wanted to wear a collar or harness and didn’t like being picked up. Lily’s been the same way from the time we took her home. If she thinks we are gong to take her somewhere she will try to run behind the couch to avoid having her harness put on. She will periodically check the basket where we keep her harness and leash to make sure they are still there.

My fiancé had a specific whistle to call his dog Max, who he had for over nine years, and used the same one when Sam and then Rogue came to live with him. All of them would ignore the whistle and come only when they chose. When Lily was old enough to run without supervision he whistled for her and she came back immediately from wherever she was and continues to do so.

Right after she passed, Rogue came to me and showed me that she wanted to have longer hair and to be able to run our slope with the wind blowing through that hair. Lily has started to run up and down the slope with the wind in her hair and with a sense of joy and freedom.

When Lily was little and Sam would bark with a typical hound dog’s booming voice, she would get scared and run to one of us. Now that she’s older, she just sits and watches him when he barks. Rogue liked to run outside and bark just to coax Sam to go with her and do the same, at which point she would come back inside, pleased that she got him outside and barking. It was a game she enjoyed playing. We are waiting to see if Lily will do the same thing.

For Sam, the situation with Rogue as opposed to Lily was different. Sam was a puppy when he came to live with Rogue and he adored and protected her. When he first saw Lily, his comment was “I thought she would be bigger” and when Lily reached her full size his reaction was “She’s big now, can we take her back?”, even though he does love and protects her, too.

I have a friend who is a gifted Tarot card reader. She did a reading for Lily in March, just before we went to pick her up. The Tarot reading showed how Rogue traversed the Universe to come back and how she helped me to find her. It was an amazing experience. As a psychic empath and animal communicator, I have helped other pets come back to their owners but doing this with Rogue allowed me to become aware of how difficult it is for the people I’ve helped to have faith that their pets can come back to them.


Lily is such a joy and continues to enhance our lives.

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