Certain movies are meant to be conduits for messages from the universal collective consciousness to those who are open to view them as such. Here are a few examples of movies that contain these types of messages.


A Dog’s Purpose

This movie depicts the reincarnation of animal souls and their perception of life and death. It brings forth the idea that animals have a clearer understanding of a soul’s experience on Earth.


While it may seem to be a basic “alien invasion” movie, its main theme is the power of our consciousness over our physical mind and our fear-based conditioning. This is demonstrated by the main character’s contact with the aliens that allowed her to transcend time and physical limitations to expand her awareness.


This movie demonstrates the understanding of the universal consciousness and it’s functioning without limits or constructs. Be aware that the 5th dimensional construct created for the main character was necessary in order for him to come to the understanding of the higher dimension within a third-dimensional mindset.


This movie shows the realization of true reality in relationship to third-dimensional conditioning and thinking. This movie shows the concept of the third-dimensional thinking; that reality has to be the way we think it is. In that it shows that humans need to change everything that they don’t understand to fit their pre-conceptions of how things need to be.

Cloud Atlas

For purposes of this explanation, the word “experience” is used as a verb to define a soul’s desire to engage in a variety of scenarios. For example – a soul may want to experience the feelings involved with a lifetime of struggle and adversity and this may stretch across multiple lifetimes and unique circumstances.

In this movie, one group of souls is experiencing parallel lifetimes together and it provides an understanding that reincarnation is an existence of the soul’s infinite experiences in this and other timelines and the interconnections between souls and the contracts that they make within in those scenarios. In each situation a soul takes on a new roll to experience. Sometimes this is a prominent role involving another soul and sometimes it is not.

Other movies that can also be viewed with a higher perspective

  • The Matrix

  • The Time-Traveler’s Wife

  • Three Wishes

  • Frequency

  • Practical Magic

  • Heart and Soul

  • What Dreams May Come

  • The Lake House

  • The Way

  • Kate and Leopold

  • Déjà vu

  • Chance Are

  • Inception

  • The Nines