3rd Dimensional Energy Reset

The Reset is a time of endings and new beginnings. Out of chaos comes order; out of destruction comes the understanding of the difference between what is needed and what is desired. The third dimension will always be a duality which vibrates on the levels of love and hate, good and evil, peace and violence, control and victimism, compassion and the unconscionable. This is the environment that is needed for the Souls who choose to have an experience in the third dimension.

The Reset is merely a time of rebirth for the planet. The culmination of energies that have been building to this point of clearing out the old and bringing in the new. New energy, new life, new growth, is all a part of this Reset. Humans have inserted themselves into this Reset by creating weapons of mass destruction in an environment of upheaval and hatred for others and a desire to conquer them and all they have attained. For them the Reset will bring destruction upon the very life that that they worked so hard to maintain. The experiences of these Humans have become erratic and scattered. Their purpose is no longer clear to them because of the choices they have made. These choices were influenced by the illusion of the third dimension in which they are now lost in. This is not the first time nor will it be the last time this will happen. It is the pattern not only of the Humans, but of this realities energies to build to the point of cleansing and starting over.

Some Humans who chose this experience will recognize the situation and choose to leave this dimension until the "New Beginning" has begun and then come back a for different experience. Others will stay and experience being a part of the Reset bringing their knowledge to what civilization is left. For Souls of a higher consciousness who choose to stay on the planet through the Reset, only the physical aspects of it will change for them. Their understanding of this third dimension will not change nor will their ability to move back and forth from the higher dimensional realities (New Earth) For them it will be just a period of physical adjustment and alignment with the different energies the Reset brings forth. Civilization will have changed and they will find their place in it and continue with their purpose. Just as the old beliefs and ways died out when Christianity emerged, the same will happen again during this Reset, for the Humans, because they have chosen to focus on an aspect of morality.

Moving back and forth from the third dimension to the higher dimensions exist on a conscious awareness level and only requires the connection between a higher consciousness and the Universe to happen. The Reset begins as a subtle process and then builds like a snowball rolling down hill. It picks up all the energies as it builds, releases some along the way, such as "The Nothing" which then meld into the other energies that are building and releasing. These energies are recognized by the Souls who are sensitive and the Souls who have maintained their connection to the Universe. These latter Souls not only recognize the energies, but also understand their origin and the part they play in this process and in this these energies do not affect them in the same way they do others. These Souls are able to find the balance that is needed to stabilize their energies, and in that their environment. This provides them with the abilities to help the other Souls who are sensitive to the shift in energy but do not understand it.

So the Clarity on the Reset is basically that:

The Reset is a pattern of energy that will continue as long as the third dimension exists. The New Earth is a higher consciousness that will continue as long as the Universe exists.